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heart forty

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Many scholars of the predecessors and successors were keen to collect forty hadiths of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, and they excelled in collecting them until their topics were numerous, and their purposes varied.

Some of them relied on mentioning the hadiths of monotheism in its forty, or affirming the attributes, such as the forty in the evidence of monotheism by Abu Ismail al-Harawi - may God have mercy on him - and the forty in the attributes of the Lord of the worlds, by Imam al-Dhahabi - may God have mercy on him.

And some of them intended in his forty rulings, as Imam Al-Hafiz Al-Mundhiri - may God have mercy on him - collected forty in the hadiths of rulings.

And among them were those who confined themselves to worship, among the rulings, such as the forty in worship, by Yusuf bin Abdullah bin Saeed Al-Hussaini Al-Armuni Al-Masri Al-Shafi’i, a disciple of Imam Al-Suyuti - may God have mercy on him -.

And some of them chose sermons and chips.

And some of them chose in their forties to take out what is valid, and was safe from appeal.

And some of them intended what Ola attribution.

And among them are those who like to extract what is long in text, and it appears to the listener when he hears its goodness, and so on.

He named each of them his book: The Forty in such-and-such, and the most famous of them is: Al-Nawawi's Forty.

Imam al-Nawawi - may God have mercy on him - intended to collect forty hadiths on the rules and principles of the religion, the hadiths on which the foundation of religion was built.

This book is the forty heart in the actions of the hearts and their repair, its reference to what the scholars used to do. Anas and Buraydah, and Imam Ibn al-Jawzi - may God have mercy on him - cited them in the book “The Ultimate Illal fi Flawless Ahadith” and showed their weakness, and among these narrations: Whoever memorizes forty hadiths from the matter of her religion, God will send him on the Day of Resurrection as a knowledgeable jurist.   [Micro ills: 1/119].

And in a narration: He was told: Enter from any of the gates of Paradise you wish [Al-Ilal Al-Manahiah: 1/119] .

And in another narration: God sent him as a jurist, and on the Day of Resurrection I will be an intercessor and a witness for him [Al-Ilal al- Manahiah: 1/120].

However, despite his many narrations, it is not authentic, and it was narrated from many paths that are not without weakness.

Scholars have diligence in that, and they are familiar with the hadith mentioned, and there are many ways of doing it

This combination has benefits, including: Finding an abbreviation that makes it easier for the Muslim to understand the origins of one of the aspects

Even if the private credit is not proven, but the general credit for communicating the science to the people, in a summary setting, the text of Talm collected a subject; summarize a chapter; It contains a great educational benefit. Imam Al-Nawawi - may God have mercy on him - said in the Introduction to Al-Nawawi’s Forty: “The scholars - may God Almighty be pleased with them - have compiled in this section countless works.

This book collects in its chapter hadiths that talk about the substance of the heart and what is related to it

It is easy to collect and explain them and extract the benefits from them >>

9.45 USD 10.80 USD
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