If the purchase value is 189 riyals or more, delivery is free within Saudi Arabia


An online store for the publications of Zad Group for Publishing, one of the main sectors of Zad Group, which takes care of the content industry, its preparation, design and issuance of books. This pr

Shipping and delivery policy

Shipping and delivery are carried out through shipping companies registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Like :

DHL EXPRESS The order is usually delivered within 3-7 working days

Aramex and the order is usually delivered within 4-8 working days

SMSA company and the order is usually delivered within 3-6 working days

Saudi Post ways and the order is usually delivered within 6-9 working days

The store is not responsible for the loss of the shipment, and the customer contacts the shipping company to track the shipment

Request compensation from the shipping company

*The expected period for the delivery of the order is not binding, and the Zad Group store does not bear any consequences for the delay in the shipment

for the expected duration.

* The Zad Group store cannot bear the non-delivery of the shipment to the address registered in the customer's request, and the customer must

Follow up with the shipping company to deliver the shipment or go to the address of the shipping company or the shipping company's office to receive the order.

* The Zad Group store cannot bear the shipping company’s failure to communicate with the customer, or the customer’s failure to respond to the shipping company’s representative.

* If you choose international shipping outside Saudi Arabia via DHL, customs fees may be imposed on the shipment in the country of receipt. Customs fees and customs fees estimation is up to the customs authority in the customer's country.

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Ola Wasel

1 week ago

How much does shipping books to the United States cost?


Zadgroup For Publishing

1 week ago

Please complete the order, enter your address, and the shipping price will appear to you